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    Life is good at the beach... and even better with a pair of cool flip flops on your feet!

    We, Daan and Fleur, came across Souls while working at a beach club and from that moment on we were totally stoked! Not only because of the awesome and sporty look of Souls, but also because they massage your feet and are made of eco-friendly materials.

    To share our love for Souls we decided to bring them from Australia to the Dutch seaside!
    Souls Story 

    The Souls story began in one of Australia’s most stunning surf beaches Moffat beach, on the East Coast of Australia. It is founded in 2001 by Stu Johnston, a surfer who brought several multi-coloured flip flops back to Australia after a surf trip in the Maldives. Stu received countless requests from family and friends to bring more of these funky flip flops to Australia, and several BBQ’s and re-designs later the Souls business was born.